We’re pretty proud of where we’ve come from, and we’re even more excited about where we’re going!

As part of NakiCloud, we’re the same team that built Taranaki’s first commercially available Data Centre, armed with the latest high- powered servers, just to make sure local Taranaki businesses didn’t miss out on the global move to cloud. Through demand, we expanded to Waikato where many of the same regional values and expectations of good service and local expertise hold true.

Then we got to thinking: Why just businesses? Why not everyone?

And that’s what led to the creation of Speedster. Our focus is fibre. But not just any fibre – our own Ultrafast Fibre network home-grown in Taranaki and Waikato for homes from Hamilton to Whanganui. Whether you’re a solo gamer with aspirations to take on the world, or a family of internet entertainment addicts, we reckon we’ve got an ultra-cool fibre option just right for you.

Business Services

Telco services and infrastructure tailor-made for local business.