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This depends on the number of devices and the amount of downloading in the home. A good gauge is allowing 10Mb/s – 20Mb/s download speed per device if all devices in the home are working at once. 4K streaming from Netflix takes more resources and this may require a Router upgrade which Speedster can help you with.

Standard plan – surfing the internet, emails, Skype, VoIP phone.
Family plan – surfing the internet, emails, Skype, VoIP phone, Netflix.
Gamer plan – surfing the internet, emails, Skype, VoIP phone, multiple devices on Netflix, online gaming (recommend high performance Router).

Speedster plan – all of the above and anything else you can think of (works best with high performance router).

Getting your Fibre connected can take upwards of four weeks. Timeframes depend on a number of things such as the level of demand and the complexity of your installation. From time to time delays can also be caused because a major utility upgrade is required to get the Fibre connection to your home. I.e. Power poles outside properties, council trees or issues with shared driveways. For issues relating to Fibre installation outside of Speedsters’ control contact UFF 0800 342 735 or Chorus 0800 600 100 and they may be able to give you a specific time frame.

There isn’t one unless you are wanting work done outside of a “standard installation” i.e. some clients request additional wiring, new home phone handsets, Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi PowerPoint extenders at additional costs over and above a standard install.

The standard ultra-fast fibre install is 100% subsidised (free) by 5 Million Kiwi Taxpayers (The Government).

This depends on which internet/home phone technology you are changing to us from:

  • From Copper to Speedster Copper line: Speedster takes care of this for you on your connection date.
  • From Ultra-fast Fibre to Speedster Fibre: Speedster takes care of this for you on your connection date.
  • From 4G Wireless to Speedster Copper: Existing Account Authority/Customer must call their provider.
  • From 4G Wireless to Speedster Fibre: Existing Account Authority/Customer must call their provider.
  • From Copper to Speedster Fibre: Existing Account Authority/Customer must call their provider.

The safest time to contact your existing provider to give them your notification to cancel is after your Speedster incoming home phone calls return to normal after number transfer has completed.

Speedster chooses not have an email service and recommends that you set up a free and autonomous email address, for example Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo. These email address services are easy to use and secure.

If you have an xtra email account, this is actually owned by Spark and you will be charged $5.99 per month to retain it. It’s super easy to get a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo etc, activated. Plus, they are all free!

Just like moving house you simply let all your family and friends know and they’ll update their contacts/address book at their end.

Yes, you can keep your current phone number. If Speedster is porting your phone number across to Fibre it’s important that you DO NOT cancel your existing phone and internet services until AFTER the number has safely ported. (This is typically around 10 working days to complete from the fibre connection date).

If you are choosing to retain your home phone services and keep the same phone number then incoming calls to your home phone will be disrupted for up to 4 business days following your initial Speedster Connection date. Outgoing calls however are not impacted. After these 4 business days, incoming calls will return back to normal.

You may want to let certain family or friends know of this tiny disruption. Of course they can always call you on your mobile phone or you can simply call out from your home phone.

The simple reason for this short disruption and the porting fee is that over 100 internet providers need to update the central database (address book) to allow all home phones calls made around New Zealand to function. Most customers choose to retain their existing home phone number, however we can give you a new number.

Wiring integration may be needed to rewire your existing phone jacks to be used on your new fibre connection if you are retaining home phone services.

It applies only to existing mismatched home phones plugged into existing telephone jacks around the home when moving a phone is not practical. It is generally only needed if you have multiple phones or a standard corded phone. If you have a single phone, or a cordless phone with multiple handsets, you can opt out of wiring integration if you wish.

Wiring integration is not part of the free standard install as this requires an extra 1 hours labour.

In most cases it makes more sense to shift the main Master phone in the home to where the optical Network terminal (ONT) will be to avoid needing wiring integration work and the additional cost involved. Having a single, double or triple matching set of cordless phones around the home helps to avoid needing wiring integration.

Talk to our friendly Speedster team if if you require new cordless phones or want to know more about wiring integration.

That’s fine, all our customers keep their mobile phones separate to their Speedster home phone accounts. Speedster only bills you for home phone and/or internet and/or power.

Mobile phones cannot in any way be linked to a home phone and internet plan. Paying off your mobile will not affect switching to Speedster.

A lot of our customers move house. We simply reconnect you at your next house onto a service that is available at that address (copper or Fibre).

Please try to give us 1- 2 weeks notice in advance.

Speedster can change or remove plans for you at any time at no cost, however, the terms of the contract still apply.

Moving your broadband and/or phone connection on a copper connection, or from a wireless to copper connection, may incur a move fee depending on the type of connection you are moving from and to. The total fee will depend on whether a technician is required to connect the line at your exchange or property.


Speedster billing is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. If your connection started mid-way through the month it will be pro-rated from the connection date to the end of the month.
For any Speedster billing or invoice enquiries, contact 06 758 0888 and speak to our friendly accounts team.

Speedster accepts payment by Direct Debit, cheque or online banking. Speedster bank details will be on your emailed/posted invoice. You can also download our direct debit form below.

You can also pay by cash, EFTPOS and credit card in the Taranaki office. Speedster does not accept NZ Post payments.

Direct Debit form

Existing Customers

No problem, just email and we will upgrade your plan.

Speedster prides itself on providing the best internet to your home. Unfortunately, the quality of other website servers can vary, and some of the information you are requesting from other servers can have an effect on your internet experience which Speedster cannot control.

Internet quality over WiFi has its limitations. Where practical try to run cables from the Router to your devices. A device can be Smart TV, Apple TV, Tablet, Laptops, PC’s and Gaming Consoles. Many WiFi devices are only capable of running 20-40MB/s. WiFi can be affected by the age of devices, neighbours WiFi, building materials and many other variables.


The routers we provide broadcast two WiFi signals, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The networks will be labelled with these frequencies on a “Wireless Security Card” included with your router. The 2.4GHz network is the standard WiFi frequency and is available on all current WiFi devices. The 5GHz frequency is a newer network type. It has a higher maximum speed than 2.4Ghz, but a noticeably shorter range and it’s less effective at passing through multiple walls. It is also not available on all devices, particularly older or entry level devices. Selecting the best network for you will depend on the devices you have, and the layout of your home. If you are unsure, we suggest the 2.4GHz network as the default choice.

All of the routers have their default passwords on a label underneath the router, or you can call the Speedster Support team and we can assist you further.

If the area of your house without WiFi signal is quite close to your neighbour, it’s possible their WiFi is interfering with yours. The Speedster Support Team can change the broadcast channel of your WiFi to eliminate the interference. If you need to extend the range of your WiFi network, we recommend using a device called a Powerline Extender. Speedster have these devices available for purchase, and we can preconfigure them to match your current WiFi network. Please call Speedster Support if you would like to know more or would like to order a Powerline Extender. We do not recommend the use of devices known as WiFi Extenders, or WiFi Repeaters. These can extend the range of your network, but will slow down the performance of your extended network.

If possible, it is always better to connect a device with a network cable, especially if you plan to use it for watching online videos or gaming. Not only will the device have its own high speed connection to the router, it will mean one fewer device sharing the same WiFi network. This means your other devices will perform better over the WiFi network. This is especially important for smart TVs and gaming consoles, as they use a lot of bandwidth over WiFi.


There are two ways to access your voicemail box from home, simply dial *55 from your phone, or dial 028 890 000 if your handset isn’t tone-enabled.

Dial *55 (or 028 890 000)

Press ‘0′ to access your voicemail greetings settings then you can select:

‘1′ – To setup your unavailable message
‘2′ – To setup your busy message
‘3′ – To setup your name
‘4′ – To setup a temporary greeting (i.e. on vacation for a while)
‘5′ – To change your PIN number

Press ‘#‘ after recording then follow the prompts to listen to the recording or to save.

‘1′ – Listen to messages in currently selected folder (you will be asked to select new or old messages when you first connect)
‘2′ – Change your current message folder (‘0′ for new messages, ‘1′ for old messages, ‘2′ for work messages, ‘3′ for family messages, ‘4′ for friends’ messages, ‘#‘ to cancel)
‘3′ – Advanced options (‘4′ to place an outgoing call)
‘0′ – Mailbox options (record greetings and set PIN number)
‘*‘ – Help
‘#‘ – Exit

‘3′ – advanced options (‘1′ to send a reply if a Speedster user, ‘2′ to call the person who left the message, ‘3′ to listen to the message details, ‘4′ to place outgoing call)
‘4′ – Go back to the previous message
‘5′ – Repeat the current message
‘6′ – Play the next message
‘7′ – Delete the current message
‘8′ – Forward the message to another Speedster mailbox
‘9′ – Save the message to a folder (‘0′ for new messages, ‘1′ for old messages, ‘2′ for work messages, ‘3′ for family messages, ‘4′ for friend’s messages)

To disable Speedster voicemail services, contact Speedster support on 06 758 0888.

Sometimes your previous provider may not close off your old account correctly, and calls from their other customers are still being sent to your old connection. To help us fix this for you, please contact Speedster Support with the date and time somebody tried to call and it didn’t work, as well as the number they called from, and the name of their phone provider if possible. We can use this information to update your previous provider and request them to fix the issue in their system.


Residential consumers using less than 8,000kWh, or 9,000kWh for consumers in the lower South Island (Christchurch and below, excluding the West Coast), per year pay less on a low user plan than on a standard plan.

Medical dependence on electricity could include the use of medical or other electrical equipment required to support a treatment regime. Please advise if anyone in your household is medically dependent on power, and if loss of electricity may result in loss of life or serious harm. Evidence of medical dependency will be required, this is likely to have already been provided in a letter from a GP or DHB.

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