1. This Service Description describes, and sets out the specific terms of which Speedster Limited (we, our or us) provides, the Speedster voice services described below (Voice Services).
    2. Unless otherwise stated, capitalised terms in this Service Description have the same meaning given to them in the Speedster Limited General Terms, available on our website at: www.speedster.co.nz (General Terms).
    3. This Service Description, together with the Service Order and General Terms, governs your use of the Voice Services.
    4. This Service Description was last updated on 1st April 2018.
    1. Speedster offer the following voice services, home phone, Caller ID, Call waiting, Voicemail and national/International/Mobile calling plans. These services can be provided on copper line or Fibre.
  3. FEES
    1. To see current Voice Services Fees, please see www.speedster.co.nz.
    1. You may contact us to port any telephone number another telecommunication provider has assigned to you to us. We will comply with our obligations under the then-current Terms for Local and Mobile Number Portability in New Zealand published by Commerce Commission (LMNP Terms) in relation to such porting.
    2. You may port your telephone number from us to another voice services provider and we will comply with our obligations, in relation to such porting, under the LMNP Terms.
    3. You will be responsible and liable for any costs for transferring your voice services from another telecommunications provider to us or vice versa.
    4. Subject to the LMPT Terms, the telephone number we provide to you will not be your property. We may change the number we have provided to you and give you a new number. We are not responsible or liable for any costs involved with the change.
    1. If you are having problems with the Voice Services, please call us on 06 758 0888.
    1. Your use of the Voice Services is subject to fair use. We have developed a fair use policy by reference to average residential and business customer profiles and their usage of the Voice Services. If your usage of the Voice Services materially exceeds estimated customer usage patterns over any month, or is inconsistent with normal usage patterns, then your usage is deemed to be excessive or unreasonable.
    2. If your use is deemed to be excessive or unreasonable, we may contact you to tell you that your usage is in breach of our fair use policy. We may then request that you stop or alter your usage of the Voice Services to come within our fair use policy.
    3. If you continue to engage in excessive or unreasonable use after we have requested you to come within our fair use policy, we may suspend, modify or restrict your use and access to the Voice Services, or terminate the Service Order for the Voice Services.